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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 12, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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final countdown. the rescue of those 33 trapped chilean miners could begin within hours. face-to-face. the alleged ft. hood shooter and some of the people he's accused of attacking to meet in court. and medical milestone. human trials begin using and medical milestone. human trials begin using embryonic stem cells. captioning funded by cbs and good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us, i'm kendis gibson in for betty nguyen today. now if all goes as planned, rescue crews could begin hauling those 33 chilean miners to the
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surface by late today. the capsule they'll ride to the surface was successfully tested lowered to just 40 feet from the miners' position. audra is in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. two very long months and a roller coaster of emotions. now as officials prepare to host those miners to safety the health minister of chile says his biggest concern is one of those miners suffering from a panic attack. their ride to freedom could be just hours away. as early as midnight tonight, crews hope to use this rescue capsule to begin pulling 33 chilean miners to safety one by one. rescue workers finished reinforcing and testing the escape shaft on monday. >> no concern at all. i mean, we are prepared for any weather conditions to conduct this rescue process. >> reporter: each 2,000 foot trip will last about 20 minutes. it will take 48 hours to hoist all of the miners up. the men who've been stuck underground for more than two months will have their eyes
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closed. and will immediately be given dark glasses to avoid damaging their eyesight. the order they'll come out is reportedly being kept secret but the first few will likely be the fittest. to prepare them for the rescue the miners have been put on a special diet recommended by nasa. they'll also be wearing special compression socks and a girdle to keep blood pressure steady. >> we have defined a very precise protocol for the treatment of these miners, as soon as they put one feet out of the cave. >> reporter: once the miners reach the surface, they'll immediately undergo medical checkups before being flown to a hospital for a more thorough examination. if they're well enough at the mine site, the men could be reunited with two to three family members. it's very emotional and gratifying to know the moment is coming closer, this woman says. i'm anxious to see them on the surface, to hug my brother. joyous reunions many fear they'd never see. the rescue could begin as early
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as midnight. but some officials are recommending that they wait until dawn. the reason is because the mine site is often obscured by fog, which would make it very difficult to get the hits out of that area. ken zis? >> reporting from washington this morning. thank you for that. the alleged fort hood shooter is back in for the today to determine whether there's enough evidence for a trial. major nadal hasan will face his accusers for the very first time. it was nearly a year ago that hasan allegedly fired 100 rounds in fort hood in a processing center. he's accused of facing 13 counts of premedicated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. cahill's husband who was killed in the attack will be in court today. >> i feel it's very important to be there for my family. for the nation. for mike. >> hasan is an american-born muslim and had e-mail contacts with anwar al awlaki, a radical
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muslim cler nick yemen who encouraged muslims to kill u.s. troops. hasan's hearing is expected to last some three weeks. and here in new york city, the trial of ahmed gilani begins today. he's the first suspected terrorist held at guantanamo bay to be tried in a civilian court. he's charged in the deadly bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa in 1998. the trial was delayed because the judge decided against allowing a key prosecution witness to testify. prosecutors learned about that witness through what's described as coercive questioning. the family of a british aid worker killed during a rescue attempt by u.s. forces in afghanistan has no comment. but american military officials are investigating the possibility that linda norgrove was accidentally killed by u.s. troops trying to rescue her from the taliban. elizabeth palmer has our report. >> reporter: linda norgrove was kidnapped almost two weeks ago, while on the job for an american aid organization.
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the military finally located her in the mountains of eastern afghanistan. convinced that rescue was her only hope of survival, they mounted a raid last friday night. britain's prime minister received a phone call from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, david petraeus, who told him that video filmed during the operation may show that norgrove was actually killed by her rescuers. >> that evidence and subsequent interviews with the personnel involved suggest that linda could have died as a result of a grenade detonated by the task force during the assault. >> reporter: u.s. special forces rappelled down from helicopters near the compound where norgrove was a prisoner. they fought their way through small arms fire toward her. then, there was at least one explosion. which killed her. what and who caused it will now be the subject of a full military investigation.
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of course, this comes as a terrible shock to the norgrove family. as a friend said, knowing that linda may have died at the hands of the very people who were trying to save her life somehow makes this tragedy even more painful. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. al qaeda in yemen has its own magazine offering tips on how to kill americans. several authors offered tips to would-be militants in an online issue in english. one author writes a random hit at a crowded restaurant in washington, d.c. at lunch might end up knocking out a few government employees. well, this morning, there was a deadly crash between a bus and a truck in central poland. the small bus, crowded with workers, hit the truck head-on. about 50 miles south of warsaw. at least 17 people were killed. the cause of the crash is under investigation. on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia were dragged lower this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york city with us with that and more.
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good morning, ashley. >> reporter: good morning to you, kendis. asian markets dropped ahead of the corporate earnings season. japan's nikkei lost 2% while hong kong's hang seng was also mostly lower. today, wall street gets more details on the fed's latest assessment on the economy. monday was a quiet day for the market. the dow gained three points while the nasdaq was up just a fraction. pay on wall street is on pace to break a record high for a second consecutive year. "the wall street journal" says the top firms will pay out $144 billion in compensation and benefits this year. that's up 4% from 2009. revenue is expected to rise 3%. many firms say they risk losing a top talent unless they pay top dollar. an industry group warns a nationwide freeze on foreclosures could have a devastating effect on the economy. the securities industry and financial markets association says the foreclosure mistakes should be fixed, but warned a freeze on home seizures could
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penalize investors and make new loans far more expensive. a handful of lenders have admitted cutting corners with paperwork to speed the foreclosure process. some lawmakers are calling for the government to investigate. and at the gap, what's old is new again. bowing to pressure from consumers, the retail chain announced late monday it would shelf its new logo. last week the company started using the new logo without saying a word, and fans started complaining on twitter and facebook. so now it's back to the basic blue and white for the gap. and kendis, i know that you'll be happy about that. no one likes change. >> absolutely not. it completes me. thanks, ashley morrison here in new york. thank you for that. well, just ahead on the "morning news," stem cells are used in a human patient for the very first time. plus, movie mayhem. that crash wasn't supposed to happen. details ahead. first, katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> they killed tens of thousands
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side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. here in new york city, rough weather overnight. plenty of lightning flashes followed by heavy rain, marble sized hail fell so fast that it looked like snow along the streets of brooklyn. wow. and thunder and lightning even delayed the start of the monday night football game by 45 minutes. police investigating the disappearance of a north carolina girl say the accounts given by her father and stepmother don't ring true. the couple told police 10-year-old zahra baker has been missing since saturday and that they had seen her sleeping in her room earlier that day. but police say they can't find
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anyone who's seen her in the last few weeks. baker has a prosthetic leg, and wears hearing aids. police dogs detected smell of human remains in cars belonging to the couple. the stepmother was arrested sunday on unrelated charges. it is a medical first for stem cell treatment. a patient has been injected with stem cells taken from a human embryo. the hope is that these cells will eventually help repair recent spinal cord injuries. dr. jon lapook reports. >> reporter: the scientists who designed the treatment has waited for this moment for years. >> this clinical trial is a very historic moment in that it reflects a change in spinal cord injury research. as we move from the bench to the bedside. >> reporter: the procedure took place here at the shepherd center, a spinal cord and brain injury hospital in atlanta. no details on the patient were released. but according to the study guidelines, the therapy is only for recent injuries, given within seven to 14 days and it's designed for patients paralyzed
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from the chest down. >> i think they're going to get better. and i'm just dying to find out if i'm right. >> reporter: when we visited the doctor's lab last march he explained how the treatment works. in spinal cord injury the insulation coating the wires of the cord is destroyed. electrical messages from the brain can't get past the point of injury, and function is lost. he and his team figured out a way to turn stem cells into this cell. >> this is actually the insulating material. >> reporter: it makes insulation for the spinal cord. millions of these cells were injected into the damaged area. the hope is by restoring the insulation, the spinal cord will work again. >> any benefit to that patient population is going to be really a home run. >> reporter: the main goal of the study is to see if this treatment is safe. but doctors should know within one to two months if it's restoring any function. they'll be enrolling ten patients over the next two years. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. take a look at this. apparently it was the wrong place at the wrong time. on monday a washington, d.c. police suv was involved in a car
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crash during the filming of the movie "transformers 3." the suv collided with the yellow camaro known as bumblebee in the film series. the police officer didn't know about the filming. he suffered only minor injuries. well, straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, the giants come up big in the national league championship series. but it's also rich in powerful nutrients that help cleanse and purify your body. cranberries are the ninja fruit. wh-wh-whoa! ocean spray -- tastes good, good for you.
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here's a look now at the weather in some cities across the country. in new york, showers, 67. miami, showers 82. chicago, showers, 78. denver, showers, 58. los angeles, partly cloudy, 86. and time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clear skies over the southwest, while storms are moving through the northeast and southeast. later today, sunshine will return to the northeast, after heavy showers move out to sea. the southeast has severe thunderstorms, making the way into the region. and cooler temperatures setled down into the northern plains. in sports, san francisco advances to baseball's national league championship series. in the seventh inning, the giants' cody ross singled to drive in the go-ahead run, and even though another run was cut down at home plate, san francisco beat atlanta 3-2.
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the braves' bobby cox retired after 29 years, wearing the uniform as a major league manager. >> i get emotional when we've gotten beat in the world series. and it feels the same. it doesn't feel like this is the last time i'm putting it on. but it certainly is. and i won't put it on again. >> san francisco moves on to play philadelphia on saturday. in the nfl, the jets beat the vikings in monday night football. new york's dwight lowry clinched it with an interception and ran it back for a touchdown in the closing minutes. the jets beat minnesota 29-20. the vikings' brett favre became the first quarterback, however, to throw more than 70,000 yards passing, and 500 touchdowns. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and a new book that offers a personal look at nelson mandela through his wrightings. [ woman ] i had this deep, radiating pain everywhere...
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on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. the southeast can expect severe thunderstorms. the northeast dries out from the stormy weather last night. the western half of the country has mostly sunny skies and warm temps in the southeast. here's another look at this morning's top stories. a british aid worker kidnapped in afghanistan may have been killed accidentally by u.s. special forces trying to rescue her. an investigation is under way. and the alleged ft. hood shooter returns to court today. major nadal hasan will face many of the people he's accused of shooting nearly a year ago. the hearing will determine if there's enough evidence for a trial. a new book on former south african president nelson mandela is released today. it's a fascinating look at the iconic leader through his letters and personal diaries.
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alistair bunkle of britain's sky news reports. >> reporter: when nelson mandela talks, people listen. the conversations with myself is a collection of the innermost thoughts of a man who's led a very private life. it's a private mandela. the mandela without an audience. >> what you say in your own words, and not what other people are saying. so through the letters, through the interviews, through the calendar, through your notebooks, everything is in your words. >> reporter: revealed are more details about the growth of the anc, and the military training that mandela underwent in algeria. >> can you shoot that far across the valley? and i shot. they all said, is this your first time to shoot? i said, yes.
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they did not believe that. >> reporter: the book is peppered with personal asides, recollections of dreams, and intimate nuggets of a hard life, locked up as a political prisoner. what comes across is a man who dedicates himself to the struggle against apartheid, often at the expense of a happy personal life. >> what he did is he would transcribe from here. >> reporter: although not an autobiography as such, it was put together with mandela's blessing. >> i think a very beautiful gift to me right now. i came across a letter that he wrote, where he was analyzing my poetry and so on. it was such a very touching, quite emotional. >> reporter: now, 92, south africa is reluctantly considering its future without mandela.
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but conversations with myself portrays a man who has flaws. a man who is vulnerable. and a man who ultimately has much in common with the people who revere him. alistair bunkle, sky news. this is the "cbs morning news." ight... ♪ ♪ savor and explore, the great indoors ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses. you'll never go back to your old duster. [ funny voice ] hey, duster! wanna attract dust like swiffer 360 duster? then try the magnet hat! ♪ whoa! wow! [ female announcer ] sorry, duster, but swiffer 360 dusters attract dust with over 500,000 fibers and lock it away to clean better than a feather duster. swiffer's built smarter to clean better. ♪ she blinded me with science
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just as the moon cast the magic a new cast member exits the parking lot, beat up rusty tanker truck. could it be megaon the? it provides enough excitement for some to say it's worth waiting four hours. >> it was awesome. pretty impressive. >> reporter: ooze for the short scene they just shot to be determined on july 1st, 208. a lot of rumors are circling about the mysterious truck. if you would like to see it up close you may be in luck with a list of street clos


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